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The first free will and testament site in North America to offer a customized, online will making service absolutely free. No fine print, no catch. Everyone should have a will, we all know that. But most of us put it off because of the legal complications involved. It is a widely held myth that a will must involve expensive visits to a lawyer and incomprehensible language. Not so! For many people a simple will is adequate. If you are one of these people you can make your own, perfectly legal will without having to consult a lawyer at all! To find out whether or not you require legal advice, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Now the easiest way to make a will is at Wills4Free.com. Our willmaker section will guide you through two easy steps, and the questionnaire will customize the will to your needs. Our FAQ section will answer any questions you have along the way. The finished will is available to you to print or download to your own computer. And best of all, it’s entirely free.

At the present time, Wills4Free is offering relatively simple wills, and is not equipped to deal with complex property issues and trusts. We hope to expand our services in the near future, though, and in order to give you what you need we ask that you fill out a short questionnaire in the Documents section.

Please browse through the site and check out the extensive Frequently Asked Questions and Legal Dictionary in our Reference section for valuable information. If you are making a will today, don’t forget to read the disclaimer. Please check back soon for new information and features!